Friday, 30 August 2013

Friday Again

This is the only piece of art I have completed this week. Have been busy in the garden and with my illustrating commissions. I have been pondering whether to do the 29 faces this September, it will be a busy month and I am not sure that I can allocate the time needed. I have a soft spot for it, as it was the first challenge I ever took part in. I really loved doing the lovely above, and have come to the conclusion that I will commit to it, but do one actual face a week but show the daily progression of the painting. The girl above took me 5 days (it is in acrylic), spending about ½ to 1 hour each time. My goal will be to do a series of girls on canvas in acrylics using colour (bright colours) with unusual combinations. The girl above will be the first. They will all be the same size canvas, as they fit into one of the standard size NZ Post cardboard boxes for posting. (I am seriously considering opening an etsy shop sometime soon.) Anyways this girl has not a name yet, I keep thinking of 'hopeful' or spring nymph?

Have a great week every body and happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Fly Away Dear Bird

This is for a dear friend who is suffering at the moment – May freedom come soon.   Liz, you are in my prayers.  Acrylic on canvas, 30cm x 40cm.

Joining up with Paint Party Friday hosted as always by Eva and Kirsten.

Friday, 16 August 2013

At a Loss

A different post from usual, I haven’t been posting and looking at your work because life gets in the way sometimes and you don’t know how to deal with the problems.  Sometimes it can be quite paralyzing.   I can’t talk about what is going on, but I can tell you how I deal with such situations. 
The situation has made me angry, not at a person, just how life unravels itself for some people.  Anger can eat away if you don’t deal with it.  One of the ways I deal with it is to paint about things that are not close to me.  Over the last two weeks I have focused on the situation in the 3rd World and produced for me political works.

This is an oil mixed media piece on hardboard 30in x 30in.  The girl is a coloured pencil drawing I got out of a magazine.  The pages are from a book on the colonization of Melanesia.  Basically, it is about our world is putting pressure on Third World Countries with corrupt practices.

This is a wood cut A4 size and it is about the situation in many African countries, it makes you feel so helpless at times.
So that’s what I have been up to over the last two weeks, I am a lot calmer now and back to my usual quirky self!  Channeling your emotions into art can be so healing.

Here’s a watercolour I did today I did from a photo I took last autumn, See I am calm now!

Have a happy Paint Party Friday everyone.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Spring is on its Way!

Hey, I think spring might be on the way.  This morning I saw crocuses, peeping their way up through the weeds.  The plum trees buds are about to burst into flower and of course the daffs and jonquils all have been flowering for a few weeks.  Then I realized it August now, where has the time gone?  I just had to get my gouaches out and do this little gem.  I think I like them better for some flower studies as they have an opacity that you can’t get with watercolours.

This is the only bit of painting I done this week.  Most of it has been taken up with finally, finally getting my illustration website up and running.  I decided last week I had to do something about it and got cracking.  Most of it was done so I went to registrar my domain name and guess what I couldn’t have it, so had to think of new name, and settled on Rainbow Splashes.  Then I had to change my header, logo and so on!!!!  Then I went through the hassle of uploading it.  I had problems and finally emailed my host, it was their mistake, so it was all sorted yesterday, phew!  So now I am online, I do have pages for my painting and journal art so if you would like to go and have a peek here’s the link;
Now that the challenges are all over I hope to get some serious painting next week, here’s hoping nothing will interfere.  Got to see the surgeon

about my shoulder, hoping that he will decide all is well, although I have to admit it is giving me a few hassles, probably overdoing it! 

So everybody thanks for visiting and have a wonderful week.

Linking to PaintParty Friday thanks to Eva and Kirstin for hosting, a stellar job.