Monday, 18 March 2013

Digital Honey Harvest

For my digital playtime this week I am playing around with a photo of a couple of apples from my one year old apple tree – the variety is Fuji and while it is not the most colourful of apples it fruit tastes of nectar!

 To be honest I can’t quite remember how I got to the variation below, I know I inverted and then changed the colour with hues and saturation.  At some stage I used some artistic filters and the sharpen mask and texturizer.  My photo manipulation much of the time actually consists of random fiddling!

A version full of colour.

An abstract version of the apples

duotone version
 Here I inverted the first version again, fiddled and went into duotone.  For the one below I put a mask and a frame from photoscape in the antique filters.  This last one is my favourite as to me it represents the taste of the apple.  I am thinking of trying the techniques from this one on some old family photos or a still life.

So this is my entry for Mandarin Orange Monday, it always amazes me you can do with a simple photo.


  1. Beautiful Sharon, I'm wondering why we have to really paint anymore! The abstract version is really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    1. We need to paint because we need to get the physical feel of the painting experience. I regard digital as just another medium to be creative with.

  2. Beautiful work. Happy MOM. Hope you could drop by my Orange take.

  3. Wow, that abstract version of the apple is amazing!

  4. Whatever you did, I love the results. I also can see that you really enjoyed doing them! Your MoM entry is so happy and bright and almost has a carnival or celebratory sort of of feeling.

  5. Yummy! I want some of those Apples...

    Stopping by from Mandarin Orange Monday- hope you can stop by...