Friday, 13 March 2015

Happy Birthday PPF!

Paint Party Friday is 4 today!  Wow 4 years that is a massive achievement by Kristin and Eva.  It success I am sure is the sense of community there is amongst participants.   We all support each other in our growth as artists; I know that my art has benefited from being part of PPF.

To celebrate this event Eva and Kristen has asked us to do selfies.  Here is my attempt. I actually got my oils out and used an old canvas that already was painted with dark blue.

I am in the throes of packing for my move in a couple of weeks.  However I managed to get some quiet time.  I had to go to Greytown a town further down the valley.  It is an old colonial town and has lots of lovely settler houses set in beautiful garens.

But my favourite bit was my walk and picnic lunch in a stand of original bush land that has been preserved near the camping grounds.

The shade and green was bliss on a very hot day.