Friday, 29 November 2013

What is the Key to Your Heart?

I have a friend who is celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary.  She and her husband are so still in love.  It is so heartwarming to see in this day of short unstable relationships.  I asked her once what the secret was, she replied flowers and dancing!  Happy Anniversary, mates.  

So today I am imaging them dancing in their kitchen, he with flowers in his mouth, and the key to her heart is there for his taking!
I am not sure that dancing would have been the key to my happiness, as I have two maybe four left feet.  But flowers and laughter would have opened my heart.  What would open yours?

It is my birthday today and the nicest thing of all was some lovely calls from far, far away and the arrival of a wonderful cookbook on baking that I won from the Online Magazine “Sweet Living”.  (I will blog about it on my cooking blog later on) but check it out if you are interested in crafty stuff and cooking, it has links to some amazing blogs.

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.”
- John Lennon

Have a wonderful week everyone, joining up with the wonderful creative people from Paint Party Friday, go and have a look there is some amazing art out in blogland.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

I love purple and green...

Went to the market this morning and saw a beautiful Pomegranate, had to buy it, I was going to draw it, but decided not to as I didn’t want to cut it open yet.

As I was in drawing mode I decided to draw my starter for lunch, now I don’t normally have starters, but I had guests and while I was going to serve them Moussaka, I couldn’t have that as I have just started a new healthy regime.  But I could have the starter and a fruit smoothie while they tucked in.

In the garden I have globe artichokes and they are going crazy.  So I flipped though my cookbooks and found this recipe Sweet and Sour Artichokes in an Italian Cookbook.  What was even better I had plenty of broad beans also.  So I got to and started to draw with my pencils.

However when I was cooking it, I realized I didn’t have any peas, umm….  Ah hah, I have plenty of asparagus, just the job.  So here is the finished dish.

It was yummy!  The dressing is really good as it has no oil, and good for us weight conscious souls.  I will be using that dressing on lots of stuff.
Oh here is the sketch I did of the asparagus!

You know this has given me an idea to do more of this  - recipe drawings that is.  Although, I need to sort out the writing and its placement. Including today’s recipe was an afterthought.

Anyway I am linking this to Alexandria of SundaysSketches haven’t been there for ages, looking forward to seeing you all.

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