Friday, 27 December 2013


2013 is coming to an end!  I have been reflecting on my art journey over the holidays and realize that I have come a long way since January.  At times it seemed as if I was going backwards.  However looking back with hindsight those blips were necessary for progress!  My word for this year was focus.  It seemed as if I had lost focus in the second half.  But as always when you have a period of intense progress there is a time that is needed to absorb the changes.
The ICAD challenge was a major breakthrough for me.

I discovered that I like whimsy, watercolours and acrylics. It has taken me a time to let go of painting in oils. (I have developed allergies with the oil paint and I don’t have space to leave oils to dry etc. etc.)  But, knowing me probably an odd oil painting or two will creep in.  I have fallen in love with watercolours and gouache again.

I don’t know where 2014 will take me but I know it will be exciting and surprising.  I have signed up for a challenge in January over at Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings in January!  Yep, I am crazy!  I intend to do small acrylics on boards, of whimsy, flowers and whatever.  I probably won’t post every day, maybe every other day or so.

The digital piece I did earlier in the year I think says what I wish for me and all of my bloggie creative friends at Paint PartyFriday.

2014 here I come!

Friday, 20 December 2013

A Tea Party for Tracey

Today at Paint Party Friday we are having a Tea Party for Tracey Fletcher King who has for the last 5 months been in a battle with breast cancer.  For most of the time she has still managed to entertain us with stories of her experiences with leftie and the shocking after effects of chemo – namely not being able to devour chocolate and discovering a taste for egg nog!  My hat off to you Trace.

I have two pictures first with Trace supping her favourite tipple – tea.  We all know she loves tea cups, mugs and teapots. If you think it shows an uncanny resemblance to lady Gaga, you’re right.  I was googling the Mad Hatters Tea Party hoping for inspiration and saw the photo so I did a fair representational pic.  I sent it off to Kirsten and Eva on Monday and wasn’t entirely happy with it so yesterday and this afternoon I did this picture below.  It had to have Sinus and Phantom Steve in it as they have entertained us over the last couple of years with their antics in the Fletcher King household.

It is full of positive hope, as Trace is dancing with them and Phantom is able to annoy Trace by wearing pink!  And Sinus is able to act the clown.  Can’t you see she is planning what delights that will set Phantom off in a spin?

So Trace here’s to 2014 and good health and lots of tea and chocolate and the egg nog can be poured down the toilet with relief.  Thanks for all the chuckles, giggles and blog love you dispense to us all.

You Rock!