Sunday, 28 July 2013


Its scary in the Jungle at night!

The prompt this week at Illustration Friday is Jungle.  I suppose I should have been finishing my icads off.  I started out to do so but found myself doing this journal page.  I think I have icaded myself out!  It is strange I counted the postcards that I have done over the last few weeks – 23.  I have done 40 icads.  Figure that out!  Ok the 40 are 5 x 3 index cards, and the postcards are 6 x 4 on card.  But hey who cares, as far as I am concerned I have done 63 icads.  They were all collages and whimsy! So that dealt with I can now quite happily go on and do whatever.  I have to say that the icads have set me on a new path, so thanks for that Daisy.

The above collage is based on my cat Bro who is afraid of the dark in spite of being Mr. Tough Guy!  Don’t tell anyone but he likes birds and I think he would love to play with them in the jungle as they would protect him from the nasties!

 Here are some sketches I did of him earlier in the year.

If I light the fire he is there!
Talking to his friend
Climbing his favourite tree
Bro's favourite post

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Friday, 26 July 2013

For Tracey

I have more or less finished my giveaway journal.  I hope people won’t mind but I have decided that it should go to Tracey Fletcher King.  She was one of my first followers and consistently visited and left encouraging remarks.  I love visiting her blog and she always lifted my spirits with her humour.  With the stuff she is going to face in the next few months, I thought it would be appropriate.

This is what I have already posted about.

New spreads:

Oops forgot to finish Tracey’s name!
Now you can open their dresses and this is what you see!  Names of all the people who have wished Tracey well over her last two posts. ( About 130ish)

I have one dress empty, so if you would like to add your name if you haven’t left a comment in her posts over the last 2 weeks, please tell me in my comments and I will add you.  (Please, before Sunday night as I want to post it on Monday.)

Finally the back cover, I thought it might make Tracey chuckle.  I haven’t done the lettering yet on the back, as I need to be fresh!  So I will do it over the weekend.

As I sort of cancelled everybody else out of the draw, I decided to have more giveaways this week. They actually are going to people who have commented regularly from my first PPF post.

First last weeks winners were Ilona Heimbockel  and Arnoldo L. Romero.
This week’s winners are Denthe, Lynn Cohen, Linda from heARTfully inspired and Netty.  During the weekend I will leave my email address in your comments so you can choose 2 postcards from my postcard page and give me your snail mail address.

I have actually just added 10 more postcards I did this week, so visit my page and have a gander! 

So everybody I want to thank you again for all the lovely comments etc over my first year of blogging.