Saturday, 13 July 2013

My World.

I got myself set up to do my icads for the week, however nothing ever goes to plan.  I was looking at a piece of paper that I planned to use as a border, and rejected it and decided to see what else I had (I do pages in one of journals specifically for collages.)

Next thing I knew I was working on a Journal page in my big Journal.  I am into birds in a big way at the moment. Because it is winter I have seed and feeding stations scattered around the garden and I can waste a lot of time watching their antics especially the wax eyes.  (They are like the little blue tits in Britain, fluttering around upside down and very cheeky)

My  favourite bird of all time is the owl.  Here in NZ our native owl is the Morepork owl, so called because its call sounds like ‘more pork’.

So this morning I let my imagination have a field day and created a garden in my mind of birdies having a grand old time discussing the antics of those weird humans.  I love the quote by Leonardo da Vinci, “The painter has the universe in his mind and hands.” I think if we keep that in mind when we create art, we will never go wrong.

Anyway I never got my icads done, maybe tomorrow.

Have a great weekend I am linking this to Manon’s Paper Saturday.


  1. This is beautiful, love the idea of the owls calling for more pork! Valerie

  2. love the happy colourful characters on these pages

  3. Well these guys were sure worth letting the icads take a back seat!! Love the fun and color....fabulous fun!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. I absolutely LOVE your work, Sharon!! The colors, the birds..everything!!

  5. I love your owl : it looks fiendly and so decorative - rose! amazing :)

  6. Gorgeous work Sharon! Happy Paper Saturdays :)