Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April Showers

The prompt at The Artist’s Playroom this week is "APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS".  While that may not be true in my part of the world, we certainly have the rain!

Today I used a small canvas panel and acrylics to create this semi abstract painting.  I tore out the figure from paper and laid it over the canvas then painted with fingers palette knife and splattered to my heart’s content.  Then I lifted the figure off, some of the paint has seeped through but I think it created an interesting edge.

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Sunday, 28 April 2013

A Glorious Day

Today has been one that has been full of blessings.  Do you ever set off to do one thing and then the muse takes you on an amazing journey.  I was blessed with one of those today.

I set off to the car boot market nearby with my camera thinking to photograph some vegetables and fruit for Mandarin Orange Monday tomorrow.  Well what is normally half hour walk took nearly two hours.  Its finally autumn here, leaves on the trees are slowly turning to reds and yellows.  Nearly every house had trees that were resplendent in their autumn jerseys! I had to take photographs.  I even collected leaves from the pavement.  I was in a world of joy and wonder.

Getting home, I started on a pencil sketch that I had in mind for Sunday 
 Sketches, it turned into the watercolour above.  The lace is actually a free brush I downloaded from Obsidian Dawn.  It fits in with my theme on Lace for my exhibition.  So I am excited about all the possibilities there.  Then of course I could not help but fiddle with the painting in Painter then Photoshop. See below, as you can see I went a bit overboard on the new lace brushes!

 You would think that would be enough for one day wouldn’t you.
After lunch I uploaded the photos from this morning onto the computer and I edited some.  Here are a few.

Then I had to get out my little watercolour pad and paint a watercolour.

After all that I think I deserve a nice cup of tea or two sitting outside in the balmy autumn sun!

Have a wonderful week creating lovely art, blessings to you all.

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Friday, 26 April 2013

The Lace Curtain

Finally!  I have finished this journal page.  I posted about it on Monday/Tuesday for Earth Day at Diana Evans 10 Minute Warm Up.  It started off as purely watercolour but as I went on, I more or less, used whatever I could lay my hands on.  I will also link it to Julie Balzer's Art JournaL Every Day.

I have been doing a lot of digital work this week due to my shoulder (thanks for the kind comments last week).  I had a scan this week and apparently the tendons have come away from the rotor cuff, the upshot is that I need an operation to fix it.  Meanwhile I am to restrict the use of my arm.  Computer work is good because I don’t have to move it much.  I can manage to do small works in my journal, so all is good.  The creative juices won’t be stopped!

For a while now I have been working on a series of digital work for a joint exhibition with a photographer friend.  I have been neglecting it a bit so now I have no excuse to forge ahead.  So I got started in earnest on Monday using MOM to get me going.  I finally worked out my theme – Behind the Lace Curtain

The lace curtain because I cannot help thinking how we woman tend to hide behind things, we reveal but don’t reveal.  I have been getting into vintage photographs a lot lately, maybe because of the book project I am doing for my family.  I was going to use family photographs, but when my friend Shelly said her family would get upset if she used her family photos, it made me stop and think.  So I will use vintage free copyright photos from the net, however I have changed them so drastically that they might not be recognizable from the original.  I will try and use one of my grandmother’s from when she was 17.  But, I will ask around the family first.

I am not too sure about this one, may be add a quote, but the fullness of time will reveal.  I like the pose as you can image a story behind, her first dance, honeymoon?

This one talks to me of a young woman waiting for her beau, peeping out from behind the curtain with anticipation.

This last one has a cast of sadness, a child peeping through from the outside, envious of what she sees inside.  It is a bit biographical for me, as a child I was always the outsider, looking at other families wishing I had a family like theirs.
For the images I used Photoshop and had layers of photos, original art work for textures and of course the paintbrush tool to create colour etc. etc. 

For a bit of fun I created this from some vintage art from Freubelsl Freebies. The sea I painted in Painter with some embellishments from some free brushes I down loaded from Annika von Holdt I feel it needs a quote and all I could think of is “Who is the monster!”  That could be because I have become so use to having words on my journal pages.  What do you think does it need words?

Have a happy Paint Party Friday and a creative week.

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