Sunday, 14 April 2013

Splashing Paint

Today I got out my paints and splashed away to my heart’s content.  I find that when I do that with no particular goal in mind my soul feels joyous and I feel as if I have grown.

I kept on splashing, this time over an abandoned watercolour pencil drawing I did last year right at the beginning of my blogging journey for the fff challenge. As most of you are experiencing spring I decided to splash on the colours of spring.

Today, I could not see anything wrong with it; it was just me being a perfectionist!  I see in my journal lots of pages I have abandoned and redid because I thought they were “wrong”!  Blogging has changed me.  I am not so critical of myself now.  So my goal now is go back to these pages and redo them, perhaps one a week. The quote is a lesson learned.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I really enjoy your lovely soft faces and the textures. The colours are beautiful! I was just saying to my self how i'm not satisfied with my journal entry that I did today. I thank you for this post. I should not be so hard on my self..... i'm so happy to read your positive blog entry. I think i will go ahead and post what i did. i wasn't going to but thank you for making me see that its okay to just be and enjoy the process. :D Thank you so much! God Bless and thank you for your visit to my blog! :D