Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Landscape Within

The theme for April at Art Journal Journey is ‘The Landscape within.’  I have been a bit pushed for time and decided to flip through and see if any of my unfinished pieces I could use for this theme. Gulp, I have so many pieces that are unfinished or unresolved!  I finally found one I thought I could work with.  It was a page that I had abandoned as I felt that the eyes were too small and didn’t match up (Yes you have seen this girl before; I redid her in autumn colours a while back).  I have real problems sometimes to get the eyes to match, hehe – cross eyed beauties!  Also she looked as if her cheek was swollen!

So I got to and used acrylics, gouache and watercolour pencils and painted, splattered and stamped to my heart’s content.  I decided she was rather like a mermaid and decided to bring her in with two stencils.  One of favourite ways of creating stencils is to cut out with an art scalpel, elements that take my fancy in glossy magazines.  I find that they can take being messed around with paint a few times.  The palm tree I cut out from a travel brochure and the leaves thing was from an ad.

I hope I created enough texture and layering to show that the landscape within me is quite busy and fluid!

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  1. What a great idea for stencils! I love the palm tree and the way the face is peering through the foliage.

  2. First of all Sharon.. I had to smile by reading your post! I also always have probs with my daughter and husband always smile on my portraits.. but Sharon this Lady in the original version looks like me after joining to much notebook and than my eyes are so small against my round face... ugly!
    In this case she is beauty in the original against!
    And your clever STENCILS!!! WOW( I made some stencils by myself too and had the same thoughts..that those highgloss papers in the junk are fab for quick stencil making- but didn't make many such stencils yet- I confess -- time is a treasure we know -lol)

    She is now a real Beauty .. in your always fantastic blues with this hint of pink and lavender and a touch of mint.. I adore this colors..
    they are unique - absolutely Sharon- style!

    Thank you so much for joining us again over on

    Thank you Sharon for this fantastic entry!


    from cold Austria at the moment ..brrr!

  3. Beautiful - love the face in the background! Valerie

  4. Très belle inspiration, bravo. zouzou

  5. Thanks for the tip about magazine stencils, a great idea. I like how your picture emerged, it turned out well.

  6. Wow, that is a very impressive since. She says genai the topic of this month. I really like your pages!

  7. Sharon this is fabulous! It match very well!

  8. The eyes in the faces I paint often don't match up - first I didn't like that, now I think it makes them interesting and unique. I like your mermaid, she looks her very own way. Beautiful.

  9. The beauty that you created from a painting that you had abandoned...transforming the entire work into a dreamy, gorgeous space is indeed a lovely landscape within!

  10. I found the original to be real, and beautiful....I have seen people like eye not quite the same. She could have a disability...maybe she was smacked in the face and her eye was swollen....I loved her....but she is still beautiful in the background of your new piece!! Although she looks sadder now....

    You are so incredibly talented.... and always amaze me!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. I actually like her with the squinty and swollen cheek too. Just old hangups about being perfect, ha ha! You are right she does look sad. Maybe that is my inner self coming out.

  12. wow wow wow - so fantastic!!! GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!

  13. Both of your creations are stunning ... fun hearing about your creative process too...thank you for sharing!