Sunday, 4 December 2016

Back Again

Finally!  My blogging and crochet mojo is back!  I have done some serious thinking over the last month or so and have decided that you can have too many projects on the go and for me it creates brain freeze!  I think as a fairly new crochet convert I was like a kid in a candy store, going oh, ahh, wow!  The end result was lots of wips and no finishes.

So, a few weeks back, I piled all my wips into bags and stored them in order, such as ones that need to be finished for Christmas, birthdays and so on.  They have been put into a cupboard, so they are not there to tempt me away from the present wip!  I found that I can cope with two or three out, an afghan, a doily and maybe a small project such as scarfs etc.  It works!

So here is a finished Afghan – the Sweet Pea Afghan, pattern by Julie Yeager.

My helper while I was joining!

With that done and dusted I got out one of my Around the Bases, this one is for a birthday at the end of December, I used the square Tropical Delight as the Designer did, but my inspiration is the Chatham Forget Me Not, it is a lush tropical looking plant that is in fact extremely hardy. 

I am up to week 9 and am not sure whether I will do the whole afghan as the recipient is in a wheel chair and I think it might be better as a lapghan.  It is a metre square at the moment.  I am think when I finish the fans they will make a good edging.  So this one is nearly complete, yay!

My other project I have out is the Advent scarf Cal by Melina Miller.  I am only  a day behind!  It is easy to stay on track with this as it is only about 6 – 8 rows a day.  I am doing it in a fine merino wool with a darker fleck with a large hook so I can block it out to make it extra lacy.

I am working on a doily, a Christmas placement, but will devote a separate post to my beloved doilies.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.


  1. Beautiful porject and creations with lovely colors !!!!
    Have a nice week !

  2. Your Sweat Pea Afghan is just beautiful! I love the inspiration for your Around the Bases blanket. And your interpretation of the Forget-Me-Not flower is so pretty!

  3. I just love Julie Yeager's crochet patterns, I think her blocks are some of the nicest you'll ever see! The hexagons are all nicely joined up and the afghan looks great. The icy blues make me think of snowflakes!

    I can't have too many things on the go myself. It stresses me out. I find it's better if I have not more than 2-3 WIPs.

  4. I can't believe you are a new convert to crochet - your work is amazing!. I here you about the wips. I remember not understanding people that had more than one project on the go. Now I am comfortable with two, maybe three, but higher than that and I get overwhelmed.

  5. Your afghans are just wonderful. I agree, making a lapghan for the wheelchair person would be ideal. The advent scarf is going to be so pretty when done.

  6. My word, the afghan is beautiful. And the next one looks so intricate. Love them all.

  7. My word, the afghan is beautiful. And the next one looks so intricate. Love them all.

  8. I organized with bags last year and then hung tags on the outside wit the project name so I didn't have to rifle through the bag to see what it was. I still forgot them so now I have them listed in Trello online which is a free project management software and I love it!
    Your blankets are just beautiful! I faved them as I knit and crochet and I love making blankets and most of them are crocheted. Forget Me Nots are one of my favorite flowers too. Gorgeous projects! I love doilies too!

  9. I always find some great crocheted eye-candy when I visit your blog. Sweet Pea afghan is lovely, and is approved by your resident crochet helper, lol.
    Love the flower photo, and the lapghan. It will be a fabulous gift.
    I'm working on doily's too at the moment. Can't wait to see yours.

  10. Good morning Sharon, great to have you back again! Wonderful makes ♥. And I love how your kitty looks amidst all that beautiful crochet :-). Thanks for your sweet comment & have a great day! Nata xxx

  11. Hi Sharon, I just saw your ATB and landed here. How lovely is that! I like your ATB a lot and agree that the fans give it a finished look; size is great and colours and centerpiece be au ti ful :-)

  12. Thank you for linking your blanket to the stash party Sharon and congratulations you have been featured. :) xx

  13. Absolutely beautiful! Very intricate, you certainly have much more patience than I do :-)