Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Splash of Colour

In my part of the world, we are in middle of a drought, officially declared last week. We have quite severe water restrictions so the garden which is my greatest love after art is suffering. However I have managed to get colour with two of my favourite flowers – geraniums and fuchsias. They seem to like the dry very much as they have grown to triffid like proportions.
Today I decided to do a quick watercolour of the geraniums at the back.
Here are some photos of my love splashes of colour that greet me everyday of the year in my garden. 

 Have a happy Sunday and week creating wonderful art everyone.

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  1. hello Sharon,
    Love your watercolour, the splashes of colour are beautiful. Your garden looks amazing. The drought here is definitely over after about 6 years of water restrictions... :)

  2. I love the water colours too. A medium I am scared to use :0 You have done a wonderful job here.

  3. Sorry you have a water drought ~ yet your watercolor splashes are delightful, colorful and free ^_^

    ps. we have had lots of snow and rain ~ gladly ship some to you ^_^

  4. For being in a drought your garden looks lovely! Our grass is brown from lack of watering and rain. I like the washy look of your painting today!

  5. lovely loose watercolour. Too bad about the drought especially for your poor garden!

  6. Lovely watercolor, beautiful colors! <3

  7. I will happily send you some rain... and I wish we has some colour at this time of the year, but it is a wall of green... Autumn is when is cools down enough for us to have some blooms... and my bamboo is triffid like as well... hope the rain arrives soon...xx

  8. Love how abstract your watercolor is! It is so much fun! The colors are awesome! :)

  9. omgoodness, your flowers are beautiful.... i have lots of snow here i could send you, it should be melted by the time it got there....LOL