Sunday, 24 March 2013

Watercolours for Sunday Sketches

I love watercolour.  I often take my old Winsor and Newton travel kit out with me when I am on a walk.  I have had it for about 25 years!  It is looking a bit yellowed and scruffy now, but is so handy.  It is only the size of your hand and even has a mini water bottle!  At the back there is a ring where you can hook it on to your thumb.

Watercolour was my first medium that I got to grips with.  I still love it as you can get such purity of colour.  People who think it is wishy washy haven’t seen good water colours!

I have mentioned before how I love the hills around me, I can’t resist the different colours they present at different times of the day and seasons.
Here are three views of the Tararua Ranges I did last week. (Different days)
morning on a cloudy day

Late afternoon
Evening (sunset)

I just love how the colours run into each other and the different reactions of the colours when mixed together.  Sometimes I like to go completely abstract and let the colours do the telling.

This watercolour started out with me trying to paint a bunch of flowers that were given to me recently.  I got so involved in the colours that I forgot they were flowers in a vase!  I just love it when the process takes over and the head stays out!

Blessings to all of you and have a great week creating wonderful art everyone.

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  1. Great to see watercolours. And I love that travel kit. It looks like it has served you well!

    I am still unsure of how to use them. I feel safe using acrylics, but I do love to see watercolour pieces.

    Happy SS


  2. Beautiful watercolors, love the dreamy feeling of these and the big sky! Happy ss!

  3. Love the flowing colors ~ divine creations ~ Enjoy ^_^

    ps. love the travel box

  4. I love watercolors too... and it's the only thing I've ever played around with. Curious about acrylics and oil, but watercolors have a 'drawing power' (IMO and no pun intended). So many things in nature draw me to watercolor - like the sky and the sea... and there's a *softness* about it.

  5. Your abstracts are very inspiring today, love them.

  6. I love your travel watercolour kit! great abstracts as well!

  7. Now that is a well used paint set....
    love the flowers in a vase.....:0)


  8. Very free and easy watercolours, nice work! I also have a travel set and find it very useful

  9. Love those colours. I take my little travel box everywhere with me... :)

  10. so wonderful to see your paint box! love seeing the age and use it has.

    your colors are gorgeous. I am just getting to meet watercolors, i am hoping that they will be my favorite. they seem less toxic to our world than many art supplies.

    your paintings are a joy to see.

  11. What a nice surprise to see your beloved old watercolorbox on the picture when I just came to your blog. I love watercolors too .... and they always make me feel happy as soon as I open the box of mine! I love the bunch of flowers you painted!

  12. I love the looseness of your colors and the warming of the suns' rays as your paintings move through the day. I love flowers that are so bright and colorful like yours!

  13. I love that travel kit! I can't wait for the weather to warm up, so I can do some traveling with my watercolors!