Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Special Moments

The prompt for this month at Art – Journal Journey is Special Moments.  I initially was going to do something around special moments with family and friends.  However over the last week or so I have had a rather a lot on my plate, and time and time again it was a much needed cup of tea that got me through!  It set me thinking, there are a lot of special moments involving a cuppa!  That moment when you have been working hard and have a much needed break and that first sip tastes heavenly; that moment when you get home after a day out and a loved one says put the kettle on; that first sip of your first cup for the day.  It goes on and on.

From time to time I like to get my lovely elegant fine china out and have a full blown old fashioned tea time.  There is something special about having tea with fine china; it makes you feel special and pampered.  It doesn’t really matter what flavour the tea is, or the accompanying morsels are, it’s the feel of the delicate china on your lips, the light showing through the china, the clink of the teacup as you put it down on the saucer, pouring the tea out from the pot is a pleasure as well.  It takes me back to  a by-gone era, when things were not so rushed.

Doing this journal page took me back to the time when I first started blogging.  I used to visit Tea Time Tuesdays link up at Sandi’s blog at Rose  Chintz Cottage.  I would savour all the lovely china and settings the participants posted. So show my appreciation of that time I did a watercolour of my favourite china mug and teapot setting and link up this post with them as well.  Thank you ladies I love all that beautiful china and tea times.

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  1. That is very pretty. I agree that there is something very special about using beautiful china. It even makes the tea taste better. Deb

  2. Very special post! And such a lovely art!
    Happy Spring!

  3. I enjoyed your post Sahron.. your writing is wonderful and I really love this soft pieces - watercolor treasures are this!
    Thank you so much for taking part again on

    xxx Susi

    take care of you Sharon!
    Love your ART!!!

  4. Sharon, I came across your blog today through another. Love tea, love teacups, special moments, and watercolor.... so I will explore your site a bit more. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Hello Sharon, I love these tea time pages, so delicate and lovely! Tea time has always been a favorite time of mine, your pages honor this special moment so well!

  6. Taking tea is a special occasion, even if by yourself. Your art photos are pretty.

  7. Hello Sharon,
    It's lovely to have you join me for tea again. You are so right about tea served in a fine china cup takes one back to another era. I love the feeling which having tea evokes and it truly is a lovely respite. Thank you for sharing your beautiful water colour with us. You are very talented. Hope you're having a wonderful week.


  8. what a pleasure to read your post today...I can smell the tea right away and feel the grip of the porcellan too :) AND I love your watercolor-cup...looks so real and watercolor the same time...don´t know how to subscribe that...xox Conny

  9. Beautiful! I'm not a tea drinker but I sure could be tempted after reading your post.

  10. What absolutely beautiful paintings and a very nice description of how special a cup of tea can be. Your china looks so delicate.