Monday, 25 March 2013


The photo I am playing with today for Mandarin Orange Monday is of some shells on my bathroom window sill.  I have collected shells all my life.  I love their translucent colours and markings. One of my favourite things to do is to pick them up and listen to the sea roar.  Which is great as I live inland, a hours drive.
the original photo
a romantic look
cool blues for a bathroom!
cropped and concentrating on lines
reminds me  of Australian aboriginal art!

Here I wanted that look of the shells in water, perhaps a fish tank?

Have a happy Mandarin Orange Day and a great week creating wonderful art.

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  1. I love seashells too. Nice photo manipulations! i really like the last one -very fantasy -like!

  2. intriguing treatments ofa really beautiful shell collection....

  3. Wonderful how you can play and create all these different moods!

  4. Beautiful! Love the edits.

    My MoM entry.

  5. What a wonderful profession! Each one gets better and better for me. I just LOVe the last one - it is almost electric - and yes, does remind me of Australian aboriginal art.
    Thank you for sharing your work on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  6. Your photo editing reminds me of my friend Cazjane on Flickr. She has always had a way of transforming the mundane into something interesting. I like what you did with the still life of shells.

  7. Beautiful images. Hope you'd join us too at Orange You Glad It's Friday.