Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Lies of the Serpent

Now the snake was the most cunning animal
that the LORD God had made. Gen 3:1

I've decided to do a series on the woman of the bible, initially I was going to start with Sarah. On reflection, I have to start with Eve as she was the one that started it all. Eve gets the blame for a lot, but she was deceived by the serpent. He was cunning and approached her as he knew that Adam probably would check back with God.

There is a lesson to this, when we are told things that run counter to what we believe, we should ask God for guidance. Eve was taken in by the lure of beauty and desire for knowledge. We can be taken in just as easily. We need to be alert to the lies of the serpent, as he knows us and seeking every opportunity to press our buttons.

In this work I used coloured pencils, and it was fun to let go and use colour to its full potential.


  1. The artwork is beautiful..and the words are so true.Great post!

  2. Really beautiful, makes me want to break out the colored pencils!

  3. Thank you for visiting and your lovely comments

  4. Oh, this is beautiful! What a great idea for a series!