Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A New Start

I have decided to resuscitate my blog, however the focus is going to be on my crochet and crafts, art will creep in but as I don't do much painting these days, but a lot of crochet (play with colour satisfies my artistic desires.)

Mandala Madness Cal

To keep me on the straight and narrow I have joint a group of bloggers on Ravelry (a knit and crochet haven). A Year of projects Blog along is where you post at the start of the year (they go from July to June) all the projects you want to complete.  And boy oh boy do I need this my WIP pile is huge!!!
I am in the process of doing this list with a few projects that I know are coming up and will post them on July 5th.

For relief from some Afghan joining, I made the above washcloths for a neighbour who needed a boost.  Pattern here

The Cal that I am in the process of joining and then doing the border is the Power of Love Cal by Margaret McInnis one of my favourite designers.

In anticipation of the blog along I have designed a banner and button  to share.

The aim is to post once a week about the projects on your list,  cant wait for it to start.

Take care



  1. Your projects are beautiful! Looking forward to seeing everything you create this year. You are very talented.

  2. Hello Sharon, good to see you in Blogland again.
    Your crochet is beautiful, lovely patterns and great colourways. I really like these purple washcloths, and you've made a nice photo with them too. I'll check up on the link, thanks.

  3. Can't wait to have you join the Year of Projects project, Sharon. I love those washcloths. They are just gorgeous. Having seen your crocheted beauties on Ravelry, I'm looking forward to seeing what you share with us over the next year.

  4. Love you pics! Here's to all of us starting on this journey together. We can do it!