Saturday, 13 October 2012


I needed calm this week!

Tuesday – My Computer crashed, it wouldn’t even switch on.  Wednesday – washing machine wouldn’t start! The computer techies said I needed a new computer do you realize that it is 7 years old!  Well I was going to update next year what the heck!  Thursday – Buy new computer ( I was getting very twitchy without one) which cleared my savings, so will have to wash clothes by hand, we don’t have Laundromats in my town!  You would think that was the end of it wouldn’t you?  Oh no, Friday my shed was broken into during the night – lawnmower, petrol can, tools gone!  And to top it all my lovely new computer doesn’t like my ‘old’ software and I have to update!  Oh well, I will download some trial versions which will give me a month to find some lolly to upgrade.
You will be very proud of me, I stayed calm and collected throughout.  My big Boy akka Bro smooched and lolled around. That I had to draw him!  Isn’t he cute!  Here he is in a tree.

Every morning I took myself to a local reserve to commune with nature and God. I had to draw the ducks, I love ducks!  On Thursday I managed to paint this watercolour, I found it very therapeutic! That’s sums up my creative efforts this week. Onwards and forward, it can only get better.
 Oh, my new computer doesn’t like my printer, but the strange thing is it likes the scanner, er it is a multifunction, so??????  So I can scan but not print.  Think I have to download some drivers or something grrrr.  At least it likes my camera, and I doing my editing on some of the software that came with it albeit limited.
Here is a bit of fun using a freeware programme called Funny Photo Maker.
Have a Happy PPF and a wonderful week of creating.
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  1. so sorry you had a terrible week, but nice art anyway! You're right, it can only get better!

  2. Ok that is a shocking week, and I hope that everything starts to improve really soon... we seem to have all sorts of things break down all at once... a week before Christmas last year it was the fridge and washer in the one week... hate that... xx

  3. Oh poor you!!Two weeks ago my little lap top went, then the next week my bedroom television bit the dust. I am holding my breath about my really old washer. Eight months ago I replaced the dryer...So harsh so I know how you feel!! Thankfully my daughter and son in law live here so we can all manage these things together. Bought the new tv, which was surprisingly cheaper than they were a few years ago. When I buy a new washer it will be a new oldschool style... I have heard nothing positive about the front loaders so I will avoid the top loaders are more economical!!

    Your Bro illustrations are fun!!It's so frustrating learning new computers. I loved the digital paint program on my old pc, the newer version just isn't the same. Hope you get everything figured out so it doesn't take away from you creativity!! I love ducks too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Mine had a virus most of the week- and I found myself bereft without it- which was a real worry- am I that addicted to this darn piece of junk- no not you my lovely computer- not you---(says she soothing it's ego). Happy PPF dear one and so sorry for all those mishaps- they say bad luck comes in threes- so you are all done for this year!!!

  5. I'm sorry someone stole from you that's terrible, but I really believe you reap what you sow and they will not profit from what they did! You're kitty sure is a cutie, and the duck is very life like! Great job and happy weekend!

  6. Sharon, you have really had a time of it lately. Congrats on getting the new computer. Mine is 9 years old (eMac) and slow as molasses in winter. It takes forever to get to the comment part of blogs that have music or videos running. I love the drawings of the cat. And the duck painting. Very nice work.

  7. Pretty watercolor duck painting!
    So sorry to hear about your computer crashing and someone stealing from you.
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  8. I hate it when bad things happen to good people! Hopefully your life will go much better now!

  9. What a tough week- your computer owes you many apologies for being so difficult! Your duck watercolor is my favorite here-it captures such tranquility!

  10. I am laughing to learn that you bought the new computer but not the washing machine! Laughing but I swear i'd wear dirty clothes to have a working computer. I am not laughing at your misfortune, however! Hope your bad luck has run out!,

    That water color of the duck is exquisite!

  11. Bummer. Next week is bound to be better. I'd buy a computer, too. Love the watercolor. So vibrant.

  12. I think sometimes our gadgets form a cult and either start conspiring to drain all our savings or plot a mass suicide. Love your cat drawings.

  13. Once you get used to it I am sure you will love your new computer. It's been that kind of year for me too...

    Bro is adorable and you captured him wonderfully!

  14. What a week, hope this week is proving to be kinder. Love your duck watercolour.

  15. I can relate. This is life and what brings us closer to the Lord if we allow Him to show us how He wants us to grow through it.

    Your artwork is absolutely beautiful!!