Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lemons and Celtic princesses

This week I downloaded a trial version of Corel Painter Essentials 4, as my new computer didn't like my old Painter program. I couldn't afford the full version so thought I would give Essentials a trial. They are very generous with the time – 60 days and they only count the days that you open it! I have to say I am impressed – it has everything I need and I am tempted to buy it straight away as they have it at nearly half price at the moment (must be a new version coming out soon)

A good test of a paint program is to see how painterly it is. So I decided to paint some lemons and their peel. Above is a close up and below is the finished work!
I find that if you want deep colour in digital painting it is a good idea to have a very dark canvas. Also I found that I needed to lower the opacity of the paint to get that textured look. I would say that it passed the painterly test.

Next, I wanted to test how it worked with transparent brushes such as watercolour. I decided to use a drawing I did for the 29 faces challenge. I had done a digital version in Photoshop so it would be interesting to compare.

However I decided I would make it different dimensions, so I doubled the width.  As I was working I thought it would make a good journal page, so I added the text and the digital Celtic stamps in Photoshop.
Below is the Photoshop version I painted for the 29 faces challenge.
I think that Painter passed the transparent test as well.
Below is the Photoshop version I painted for the 29 faces challenge.
I think that Painter passed the transparent test as well, as it looks more natural than the Photoshop version.  Depends what effect you are after really.
So I am a little happy painter, a new program that is better than my old expensive one, who could ask for more!

Have a wonderful week creating lovely art out there. My scripture that I am taking into the coming week is:
But you, be strong
and do not lose courage,
for there is reward for your work.”
2 Chronicles 15:7

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PS. Here is a little bit of whimsy I did this morning in Painter. I do so love this program!


  1. wow, this looks so cool and it mus be so much fun too! Have a wonderful week, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wow, can't believe this is purely digital! looks very real ...

  3. Looks like your having loads of fun. Love the whimsey.. :)

  4. Wonderful creations, shows how much you are enjoying your new Painter! Love your lemons, such a juicy color combination and your whimsical creations are fabulous!

  5. i am intrigued by the notion of painting digitally but have not done it before. do you just use your mouse? it seems like it would require a LOT of dexterity to make your mouse do what you want it to do. your results are amazing!

  6. Beautiful work. Love the effect!

  7. Cool! I've heard of Corel painter, but I've never used it. Your amazing pieces sure make it seem like a worthwhile program to purchase. I especially like your lemons. Blessings!

  8. they look so good, and you are good at digital painting!

  9. This was digital? I never would have known if you hadn't told me! I have never tried Painter- but am tempted now!