Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Christmas Card Frenzy

This weeks prompt at Artists Play Room at Just Add Water Silly is Christmas.

Strangely enough I started on making my Christmas Cards last week. Cards are important for me as most of my adult life, I have lived in a different country from my family. So, for quite a number of years now, I make a special effort with my cards and design a special card for each member. The one above is especially for my sister who is crazy about bears and collects all things to do with bears. Also I will probably send it to some of my nieces.  I painted the bears in Corel Painter Essentials which I have just downloaded a trial version for 60 days. After 2 days, I have already  decided to buy it! Especially as it is almost half price this month.

Here is one of my baby kitty Delyla for cat loving people.

And one of the cards I posted for Sunday Sketches last week, this I will send to all and sundry! Poinsettias flood the shops at this time of year and always I succumb and buy one, but yet I have never been able to get their tops to grow red again, they just stay stubbornly green! So now I just buy a new one each year and throw it out when it gets scruffy!

The poinsettias were painted in watercolour and the green strip which I think balanced the picture was added in Photoshop.  Now I have my Mum, Auntie, Brothers ........... do do.  

Like me I hope you are having fun making your cards.


  1. Great cards, so amazing how you do them to suit certain individuals. Love the poinsettia painting.


  2. Sharon, your cards are delightful. I need to learn all the techy stuff! I have elements 9, but don't know how to make "layers" yet, and certainly don't know how to "paint" on my computer. I love your poinsettia card, just lovely.

  3. What a wonderful tradition. I have made calendars for what seems forever and this year, no calendars... ;~{ But instead I have made something special for each of my family members who I would gift with calendars. Their birthdays all fall in Fall, so I have enJOYed focusing on each one of them. I think that may BE the best part of Christmas, giving a gift each one receives and enJOYs individually.

  4. adorable bears. and the poinsettias are gorgously textured. (i get new ones each year, too!)

  5. These are all great! Handmade cards are the best!! :)