Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Faces 3 to 6

For 29 Faces this time around I have decided to give my faces a name and make up a little about them, it makes them real.  It is a mixed bag of styles today.

Face 3

This is Debbie; she is in a rush, flying through her day with a million things on her mind.  For this ‘lovely’ I used some pastel paper that has ridges.  Ha, in the end I did not use pastel!  I used watercolour and acrylics and crumpled up tissue to stamp textures.

I have discovered a neat new home-made stamp – toile. I had some left over from a toy – a crochet ballet rabbit I was making for grand-niece.  I couldn't help myself and dipped in some wet paint and laid it on the paper.  I am in love with it!  So much so, that I used it in the next Face.

Face 4

This is Suzy, she is lost, she does not know where to find herself, and she is looking everywhere but not within.  It’s sad; she does not know how wonderful she is.  I drew her with a black fine sharpie and then used watercolour with lots and lots of water.  I went a bit mad with the net here!

Face 5

This is Eliza, she has just lost someone close to her, she is trying so hard not to cry and doesn't realise that if she let go she might feel so much better. However I do think that the tears are about to gush out!   For Eliza I used acrylic and pastel, and of course some of the net for stamping.

Face 6

We seem to have had a bit of a sad time so will have to end on a happy note, this is Lily, and she is a happy little soul.  Looking forward to all the treats that life is offering her, she is confident that she is loved and cherished (as all children should be).  I used acrylic and a bit of gouache.  I managed to keep my hand away from the net!

As you can see I am on a roll! 4 faces in 2 days.

I will see you again on Friday when I hope to have a few more faces to show.  Do go and see all the other lovely artists taking part in 29 Faces (link is on sidebar)


  1. I adore them all and the stories behind the faces. Sharon and Lily are my favorites of today! Such delicious colors and that texture is awesome, great!

  2. Oh Sharon what wonderful characters you have created!! I love them all! Deb has so much on her mind, and Suzy seem forlorn, Eliza seems so pensive, and Lily seems so hopeful...I adore them all!

    Hugs Giggles