Monday, 22 September 2014

Yet More Faces

Here are some more faces in the 29 Faces September 2014 challenge hosted by Ayala.

Face 16

This is Michelle, I met her yesterday at her parents’ home, and she is a special needs girl, always full of smiles and love for those around her.  She is adored by her family and all those that know her.  However yesterday, I had to pull myself up short, I had fallen into the trap of thinking she had no worries.  Across the dinner table I caught several glimpses of a sad Michelle, a wistful Michelle, she caught me looking at her in those moments and immediately pit on a beaming smile.  Oh how we assume!  I am now sure that smiling face is a mask that Michelle puts on to hide all the angst that any teenage girl has whether she has special needs or not

Face 17

This is Mary, she is a minx!  She loves to put the cat amongst the pigeons.  She doesn't do it out malice, she just likes to liven things up.  You can just see her planning her next little mischief!

Face 18

This is Lizzy, she is all dressed up warm and cosy, she is watching her friends playing on the playing fields getting muddy and dirty, she would love to join in  but fears that her Mama would be annoyed if she came home cold wet and dirty, but oh it would be so much fun she thinks…. Just maybe I will take off my nice coat and join in!

Face 19

Let me introduce Wanda to you!  She is a fun girl, loves to be different, everything about life astonishes her.  She finds the ridiculous in the serious stuff of life, we need more of her sort in the world!

Wow, I am slowly catching up, when I started I thought I would be lucky if I got to 20 as I started a week late.  I just, just might make it to 29, lol.

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  1. love the ghostlyeyes

  2. Sharon, your faces are wonderful. There's something about the eyes of your illustrations. The emotion pouring out from each one is moving and I always say, speaks volumes about an artist when they have the ability to do this. Well done! :)

  3. such charming faces
    sweet colors
    i really enjoyed seeing each one!

  4. Lovely work and you should be a writer Sharon!

  5. Wonderful!!!! I love Lizzy and Wanda most but I also like it how you have painted Michelle and Mary. I love the style of all of your faces so much!

  6. Again all so wonderful.... I see an amazing preteen book with all the words and images.. I love your style so much!! You make me happy!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I really love your faces and I like that message too-it's easy to assume that we know where someone is coming from but we only she a glimpse of people usually.:) Very nice work that you've done for 29 faces so far.

  8. all your portraits are great. I really love the one you did of Michelle. The angle and colors and expression just call out!

  9. Wonderful soft colors! One of my favorites is 12 from the last post, so sweet and lovely!

  10. Your faces are all so lovely, Sharon! Beautifully painted!