Sunday, 14 September 2014

Girls with Attitude!

I am slowly catching up with my 29 Faces, yesterday was a conveyor belt and they ended up looking similar, oh well….  Anyway today I have done a series of teenage girls doing what they best do, pushing the boundaries!

Face 9

This is Sally, she is sulking because she hasn’t got what she wants, as her Mum would not let her hang out with her friends until she had cleaned her room. So she is sitting on her bed thinking dire thoughts.  ( I remember doing that and then shoving everything under the bed and my wardrobe, I never fooled my parents, as the family joked about the danger of opening my wardrobe and the likelihood  of being bombarded with junk!)

Face 10

This Linda, you would think she would be happy, she has sneaked out and is at the party her Mum forbade her to go to.  Perhaps, a guilty conscience is consuming her?  I wouldn't surprised if she leaves the party and goes home.  Or maybe I am wrong she has just seen her boyfriend with someone else! (Both would have been true of me!  I know once when I sneaked out to a party I was so worried that I didn't enjoy it at all and snuck back home!)

Face 11

This is Maggie, she is so proud of herself, she has just brought some new clothes with her first pay check, she just can’t stop looking in the mirror and grinning!  (oh I remember that feeling so well, do you?)

Linking with Alexandra at Sunday sketches (I don’t think I have been there for over a year!) as well as 29 faces.


  1. thus nice sketches and the explanation in addition so entertainingly written. wonderfully everything
    Dear greeting Elke

  2. Lovely faces, I feel as if I know them a bit now too!

  3. They look fantastic! My favourite is face 11. Simply enchanting!

  4. I love the colors you used on your faces. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing with SS. have a wonderful rest of the day!!

  5. These are fabulous and yes I was all three of these girls...however my daughter never was...go figure she never gave me a lick of trouble and even though I fully expected her to.. she is SO here to teach me more than I could ever teach her! I always knew where she was...of course I wasn't as unreasonable as parents back in the day were!

    You have inspired me so much lately! You have no idea!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I do Love all your colourful faces.

  7. Wow, I looove your wonderful all faces,so amazing,Love the colors too.

    XXX Jeannette

  8. love your faces and their little stories! It's a really interesting technique you use, I keep wondering how you manage to get all those different textures in there. Do you do anything digitally?

  9. Wonderful pieces, Sharon. Loving your girls with attitude. :)

  10. oh wow ! totally in love with your work !!

  11. The way you use paint is astounding. I love your stories about these girls with such wonderful and teenage-y personalities. I have the same questions as Denthe.