Friday, 31 October 2014

Taking a Break

We don’t really have Halloween here in NZ, but it is slowly creeping in. I have already had a little Dracula toddler at the door.  Totally forgot and had to raid my chocolate stash!  Drat!  But he was so sweet and his Mum was a supper vampire (?).

I have been absent from the blogging scene for a bit and will continue to be for a while as there are things going on in my life that take up all my physical and emotional energy.

 However, I have managed to do some art this afternoon.  Below is a painting of a statue I saw on Flickr a while ago, I loved it because it looked so creepy, suitable for today!  It is Halloween isn't it?

I will try and get around fellow PPF people over the weekend.  But please excuse me if I don’t. 

Hope to see you all again in the near future.

Hugs Sharon.


  1. Nice work. Enjoy your break! Valerie

  2. Perfect images for today...
    Happy PPF :)

  3. Loving your new works Sharon and hope everything is OK with you. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. These are fantastic Valerie I so love your style. I especially love the first one. You will be missed but enjoy your break. Best Wishes! and Happy PPF.

  5. Hi Sharon, your art is fabulous! You take in Halloween in your own way :-) The little vampire looks a bit sad and cute and the statue painting!!!
    Have a great weekend! Happy PPF

  6. I always love the surfaces you manage to achieve and the way you use your colours to give a light-filled painting.
    Best wishes and I look forward to your return when you are ready.

  7. Oh my goodnes...I love your little dude up adorable... a great character for a story for sure!! You have found your creative style in all it's glory and I am madly in love with it!! I could look at your pieces all day and inspire me so much!! I miss when you aren't here!! I hope all is well!! You need to sets of greeting cards too!!

    Big hugs Giggles

  8. really wonderful paintings Sharon-I just LOVE the first one! You will be missed, but health comes first. I wish you all the best. Happy PPF!

  9. it is spooky! Have a good break.

  10. So cool and creepy, indeed! Happy halloween and PPF!