Monday, 17 September 2012

A Mishmash

This week I have been playing with oils and watercolour paints
It is spring here and I wanted to capture the colours of spring in the above oil sketch.  I am afraid it is entirely made up, but I would love to own a luscious blue vase like that.

Here in this oil, I did paint from life. The lemons were on the bench while I was painting the aubergine and so they had to be included, my bench is stainless steel, but I decided that red created a good tension in the still life.

Face 15

Face 15 in my 29 faces for September challenge. I am afraid to say I can't decide whether this sketch is a boy or girl, I am leaning towards girl, maybe that why she looks worried!

  Here is something to think about in the coming week.
Paradox of love

 The scripture I am taking into the coming week is:

Dear children,
 let us not love with words or speech 
but with actions and in truth
1John 3:18 NIV

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  1. I like the bright colors you used. I agree-- a vase in hat color would be beautiful.

    The expression on her (I think it definitely looks like a female) seems more disdainful than worried. She's not happy about something! :-)

  2. your use of colors is lovely
    wonderful to see your arts~

  3. lovely work this week and that is a beautiful quote! love those flowers!

  4. Wonderful works ~ love the blue vase and flowers ~ lovely words also ~ Happy Week to you ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Yes, that is a pretty blue vase - and I like your scripture for the week :)

  6. Really like the colors! Lovely pieces!

  7. Amen to your scripture. I love the softness in your artwork. Blessings!

  8. the floral with the blue pot is my favorite. Your colors are wonderful in all your works shown here:)

  9. It all beautiful! I too love your still life pieces and your face - male or female - is really stunning!
    Have a great week, Kristin xo

  10. Wow, you've got a lot going on here! Your top image of the flowers is fabulous. Very loose and painterly and fresh.

  11. I love the lemons and aubergines so much... and that little touch of colour in the knife as well... wonderful... It seems like I am getting here later and later for Sunday Sketches... sorry... xx

  12. Amazing and awesome the color and life in each piece!

  13. I love your face! She's a girl, definitely!