Thursday, 6 September 2012

Face 5

You can not keep the computer away from this girl for long! Today I have been painting a large canvas and need a break from paint. One of the reasons I entered this challenge was to find a way to bring colour into my illustration. I have got myself into a niche of black and white work and really would like to present some colour work for my next tear sheet for the publishers. But first of all I have got to find a medium and style that I can produce with reasonable fast turn around. Hence the acrylic experiments.

 I decided to draw a face and today paint it on my computer using the air brush tool in photoshop. Tomorrow, I will paint it in acrylics and see what we get.

For the background I decided not to do the wings. but felt she might be in a magical snow storm. I originally did a flat background and it was too dull. I wanted magic. I think she looks Celtic, so I am going to call her Celtic Tempest.


  1. She's beautiful. You did a great job in Photoshop. Looking forward to the acrylic version.

  2. Thank you. I like using paint programmes but there is still a reluctance by many to accept it as art!

  3. Wo lovely and I liek day 4 as well. It is so cute and sassy!