Friday, 28 September 2012

Faces 23 and 24

Still trying to play catch up, here are two profiles mainly because I find that they are difficult to do. The artists I've chosen are Pablo Picasso and an English artist R B Kitaj.

Face 23

R B Kitaj is a lesser known contemporary of David Hockney, he is a figurative painter with a twist. I have always liked his work as it is slightly different, he seems to have an eastern feel to his work. I did this copy in pastel pencils and am not sure I got the mood of Kitaj's pastel right. I was doing it from a black and white reproduction and that could be what my problem was. However when taken away from his work I am very happy with this.

Face 24

Hah Picasso! No surprises for guessing that he is a major influence for me. I have liked him since I was a teenager. Initially I liked his lopsided face abstracts, I still do, but as I delved into his work more I saw that he was an amazing draftsman, and he could draw with much sensitivity. It is a drawing with this sensitivity that I have chosen to copy today.

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  1. It's a great idea to use references from famous artists. I like the different styles. Love your Picasso-girl!