Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Face 4

This was originally a sketch of my neighbour's granddaughter enjoying the sun last summer. Brenda insisted that she was to wear the gardening hat. She finally did after she had stripped the band of all the plastic flowers Brenda had attached over the years! They laid strewn around the deck chair, needless to say her granddaughter had to attach them again before she went home.

For the hat and hair I let the original pencil lines show through the thin wash as I have not the confidence to do such detail in acrylic. On reflection, I think the pencil lines adds a depth? Of course this has to be called The Hat! Think I will give this painting to Brenda as she has been and is a wonderful neighbour.

To see other participants in Ayala's September Challenge of 29 Faces click on the button in the side bar. There is some amazing work there.


  1. Oh my you are good! Thanks for sharing such a nice post ^.^

  2. Sharon this is a gorgeous painting.

    Did you set up a separate blog for your 29 faces?
    Wondering how to do this challenge.

    1. Thank you, Go to and click on 29 faces and the full instructions are there. You don't have to have a separate blog, you just need to make sure your label is 29faces and when people click on the link you get all the posts in that series. Good Luck, it is fun and mind stretching as well.

  3. This is so sweet! Love her relaxed pose and great soft colors. :)

  4. I love the variety of the faces that you've shown so far!
    I think the pencil lines showing through are great in this one (And, what a great story to go with your painting)!


  5. beautiful! good summer days! :)

  6. This is just lovely... and you have captured her attitude perfectly... she looks a bit put out... great drawing and I am sure your neighbour would adore it...xx

  7. Really nice. The little girl reminds me of art by Mary Englebreit. Really a beautiful job!