Sunday, 2 September 2012

Flowers, People and Cats

This week I took up my watercolours for the first time in years. By my back door I have pot and pots of polyanthus It is time they were planted out in the garden as they are starting to look scrappy. I find that their colours inspire me in winter where there is just green and more green. I am quite pleased with the leaves, but the actual flowers themselves I am not so impressed. However, I really enjoyed painting them as they had given me much pleasure over the winter. Flowers are so inspiring.

I started to think about what inspires me the most and trawled through my files and came up with these images. It is interesting to look at your old work. Well nearly old they have been executed over the last year or so.

Things that give me inspiration


 butter wouldn't melt in their mouth boys and cute little girls

naughty children and harassed teachers

in your face teenage girls and sulky teenage boys

 beautiful young girls and elegant ladies

 tired husbands and exhausted wives

  eccentric old ladies and grumpy old men

fat cats and naughty cats


I am inspired by all of these as we are all so different from each other:

Each of us is an original
Galatians 5:26 Msg
We must thank God at all times for you,
friends, you whom the Lord loves.
2Th 2:13 GNB

Have a wonderful week and happy creating.

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  1. Hiya! Oh lovely arts. I loved especially the first one. Thanks for sharing. Im your new follower. I blog about my arts too.
    Welcome to follow me back:
    Thanks !

  2. Wow! What talent! And your "naughty children" sketch is brilliant! Bravo, Kristin xo

  3. Sharon, what an array of art you do and yes, so different from each other they are. You inspire and amaze me. I love the beautiful flowers at the top, and those next little kids look as though they jumped right off the pages of a children's book; the teens and older folks all so expressive, WOW! I am mindboggled at the variety of styles of art you are capable of and do so very very well. Bravo, I applaud you!

  4. Okay, I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! The first two are charming and the naughty children is AWESOME. The Teen girls and boy AWESOME. The husband I really like and, well they are all great! They have a "look" that I am recognizing as your style. Keep it up girl! You have that illusive personal style going and I really enjoy it. Naughty cat is my fav. xoxo Happy SS!

  5. Oh and your soft beautiful flowers...AWESOME!

  6. Your watercolour flowers are beautiful! What a wonderful look back!

  7. What pretty flowers! and a lovely collection of things that inspire you!

  8. Well I'm impressed by it all! The flowers are lovely with such a soft touch.

  9. That top piece is simply lovely and I really liked the harassed teacher piece as well... I think I used to look like that... great post...xx

  10. Beautiful flowers! Wonderful work!

  11. Love your work and especially the scripture at the end of your post!

  12. I LOVE all of your work here. Especially the flowers. :) Well done.

  13. Wonderful post, Sharon. I'd be hard put to have to pick one out of some many great sketches. The flowers are lovely. Love the teacher with the frog on her head!
    And your two kitty cats - oh my!

  14. interesting - I think we are inspired toward different things at different stages or phases. yep we are all over the map! thanks for sharing your diversity!
    cheers, dana

  15. its wonderful to see all of this art of yours together! Your works is so fun and diverse! I really like the watercolor flowers.