Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Face 10

10 Faces wow! Another 19 to go. So far I haven't had a problem with ideas. But, I didn't really consider the amount of time involved. I will have to combine some of my other work with this challenge. So a couple of days a week, I will post some of the illustration work I am doing. Luckily for me they are of faces, children mostly with the odd grown-up thrown in.

Sometimes when at the end of a day's painting, especially in oils, if the palette is not too muddy I like to slosh the paint around and then do a monoprint. It helps to clean the palette and the paint is not wasted. This face is inspired by Matisse.

Do go and check out the other artists taking part in the September 29 Faces Challenge at Ayala's.  Click on the button in the sidebar.


  1. Is this a monoprint? Love it! I know what you mean about the time it takes to produce something every day and blog about it. I had the same thing with the first 2 challenges. Now with my one-line-girls it's a bit easier, but still ... You'll be happy AND sad when this challenge is over, I bet ...;-)

  2. Yes, it is a monoprint, I use a sheet of glass and splash oil paint on it, lay a sheet of paper over it and draw, where I want shading I slightly press down on the paper. Then lift the paper and voila. You never know what you get. Sometimes it works others it doesn't.