Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Face 18

I really struggled with this face; I started it last week with the intention of posting it for Valentine’s Day.  But I got stuck and messed up the background.  Yesterday, when tidying up my work desk I found it buried under a pile of paper.  I really liked how the face and rose had turned out, so taking courage into my hands I got my paints out and mixed up a lot of watery paint, I started to flick and dribble paint.  It was nearly right, but the background and girl were like two different works.  So holding my breath I got out my white acrylic and flicked and dribbled paint over the girl.  It worked!  Phew!  

The moral of this is that never give up on a painting, there is always a part of it that works.  Even if you have to cut that bit out and collage it to another work, you will be able to save it in some way.  I think this has turned out way better than my original composition, which was a bit smoultzy! The background was a sunset!

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  1. Beautiful portrait indeed! And I could always use a reminder to take a fresh look at something I thought wasn't working:)

  2. Dear Sharon,
    I love this painting and I am glad to see you have not given up.
    I know that even, if after some time an image gets back into the fingers ...
    i agree with Paulette, I think, she is beautiful.
    Sending hugs

  3. This is a beautiful and dramatic pinting. i am glad you didnt give up on it and took the risks, this is a real inspiration, thanks for sharing

  4. It certainly worked Sharon! This is a beautiful portrait! So great that you took the risk and didn't give up!

  5. Sharon ~ she is beautiful! Wow! ~ ^_^

  6. You saved her from going in the trash bin!! Yay!! She's perfect.

  7. Now this is talent...I love her so much....it's so beautiful! Love the movement in this... she IS perfect....So delicate and the way the light hits...gorgeous!!

    Hugs Hugs