Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Doodling Along

Face 19

Ha!  Last night I opened my journal at a page with just a background – I have quite a few – with the intention of seeing which would be suitable for a silhouette.  Denthe did one a few days ago and I thought wow, I could do that.  I was watching the news while idly flipping my way through my pages; I must have gone into a trance because when the news ended I had the above.  Admittedly I’ve added a few tweaks here and there this morning. The text I came across in a book of quotes a few days ago and I think this picture fits perfectly.  I think I will keep my jar of pencils and one of my journals on the coffee table all the time in case I go into the doodle zone again! 

I am only going to count these as one Face as I wasn't consciously drawing them. Remember to check out the other participants of 29 Faces, there is some amazing work!


  1. The background is gorgeous|! Love the quote and the faces!

  2. This one again is so wonderful! Great to let the crooked lines get their right to be there!


    1. Had something special in my mail today!!! :-) Thank you very much Sharon! It is really beautiful and a very good print!
      It even only took 6 days if I count right, so that's also good to know.

      It's already in a frame, so I'll just need the right spot for it to hang somewhere in the house, Meanwhile it is standing on a cabinet.


  3. Wow, what an amazing background Sharon! Love those light cheerful colours, and the faces that emerged are just wonderful! Great art!

  4. ok Sharon, you gotta start doodling while watching the news more often. OMG... this is fabulous! Love everything about it. The loose lines, the colors, the abstract kinda feel. Just beautiful. xox

  5. Love the background on this one..these are always! You have been so productive!

    Hugs Giggles