Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Faces 11 and 12

Face 11

I have got a bit behind, so it is catch up.  The drawings are of my friend’s children, Gloria and John.  I based the sketches on photos she took last year.  I used watercolour pencils and only one colour for each, as I want to concentrate on form, and colour can distract from that!
Face 12


  1. Sharon, you are so talented! Your drawings are simply wonderful. You are right. The one color does give attention to the beautiful drawings more.

  2. Hi, Sharon, your drawings are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.. ^_^

  3. wow, interesting about using one colour.

  4. Oh, this is wonderful! Such variety in each piece you create! These are especially great, with using one color, as you said to focus on form.