Sunday, 3 February 2013

Faces 2 and 3

It is so hot here at the moment that I haven’t done much in the way of painting over the last few days. Yesterday was a stinker, my thermometer said 39o Celsius.  That’s hot for here, wasn’t surprised to see on TV we had the hottest temp for all of NZ. 
So this morning I was up before the larks, it was relatively cooler so got my journal out.  I got cracking on my 2nd and 3rd faces for the 29 Faces in February challenge that Ayala is hosting.  Go there and check out some of the wonderful work others are doing.

I decided that I wanted to test drive some new pencils I got last week.  They are Derwent water soluble graphite pencils and they come in a light, medium and dark wash.  I have just received a batch of photos from my sister of her two grandchildren (Yeah that makes me a great aunt!).  They live a eight hour drive away from her, so she doesn’t see them that much, and when she does, there are millions of photos flying my way.  She is such a proud grandma! 

Here I used the medium wash pencil in the traditional manner.  Kendal loves to pose, as her father, my nephew, says she loves to work that camera!
The next picture is of Flynn at the harbour making friends with a seagull.  I used the medium and light wash pencils with water.  I think that this has possibilities for my illustration work.

The next picture is not really just a face its Kendal on her beloved bike.  I was on a roll, and the theme at Illustration Friday is Wheels.  I am not going to link it there as I really struggled with this.  Kendal was okay to do, it was the bike, and I couldn’t get the perspective right.  Inanimate objects can be a problem for me.  Any way I used the dark wash pencil in a traditional manner.  I will come back to this later as I think the picture has potential. 
Well I am up to date now, so think I will go and stand under a cold shower for half an hour, its only 9 am and it is 31!

Have a lovely week Sunday Sketchers and blessings.

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  1. Wow it's hot there! Lovely pieces, my favorite is Flynn in number 3 - so beautifully done! Kendal is very cute with her bike! :) Hope you have a great Sunday in spite of the heat! :)

  2. Loving the little boy! Wow, such awesome products they've been coming out with, and you work them well!

    I think the bike is looking great!

  3. wonderful to see your sketches
    i bet it is fun for the kids to see art made of them

    these sound like interesting pencils to work with.

  4. Sharon these are truly wonderful sketches ~ make great paintings! ~

    Carol of: (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  5. beautiful sketches, I wish I could send you some cold frosty air, we are in a deep freeze, tons of snow! I would gladly switch a bit,

  6. These are beautiful sketches, perhaps you could send it back to them as a precious gift!

  7. What wonderful sketches and such a wonderful subject matter!

  8. Hi Sharon! I think you have something special. I like your faces and I loved the story of you and your sister in the previous post!


  9. I hope it cools down soon... it is stinking here as well if that makes you feel less alone in the heat... and I have some of those pencils and really enjoy them... they are really versatile and you can get some lovely shading with them... these sketches are looking great and hope you get back to them...xx

  10. what lovely faces! the middle one with the trike is to me the most striking of all