Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bright and Cheerful

The prompt for this week at The Artist’s Playroom is lots of colour to cheer up the Northern Hemisphere’s dreadful winter.  That suits me as I am a colour junkie, well I thought I was.  However when I looked at the posts I have been putting up lately, I am not so sure, there is a heck of lot of blue creeping into my work!  Maybe it is the blue skies every day!

The above is a design that I am working on for a greeting card.  I’ve used watercolour pencils on hot pressed card.  I am not sure about the dimensions, think I need to lengthen it a bit, A work in progress!

Now for a bit of fun, because the above was quite fiddly to do, I needed to loosen up.  One of my fave ways is to use leftover card and play around with water colours, gouache and chalk pastels.  I usually mess around with the paint and then make squiggles with the pastels.  I love the way wet colours merge together with sometimes surprising results.

 The first one is only 3 in x 4 in, I thought I could see a face so drew it in with pastel.

The second one is actually A4. As I had a piece of card left over from some card that I was painting with gesso for my experiments with water soluble oil paints later in the week…

I used gouache for this one as I wanted the paint to be bold and the squiggles not so dominant.  Also, I waited for the paint to dry, whereas in the first one I used the pastel on wet paint.

Have fun everyone, and Jen I hope your flu get better quickly.

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  1. just good fun all the way round, Sharon!! love it!!

  2. I love all the colour in the swan art. I think it'll make a terrific card, how about making it square?? Thanks for participating!

  3. I love what you did with the bright colors! My favourite is the picture with the colorful cups! Great work!

  4. I love your playful and colorful cards. The swan is really gorgeous. I have never tried the pastel on a wet surface, except in black and white for a figure workshop. Humm, pastels are so expensive, I wonder if I dare use my Dakotas or Senneliers to melt in water!! Thank you Sharon for your comments on my blog about Green Chic. It had been a while since I had painted from life, and it really makes a difference!

  5. Visiting from the APR - What a fabulous use of colour! So bright & vibrant. I bet it made Jenn feel so much better :0) Mo

  6. I love the way the water and sky blend in your dreamlike water fowl design. It's going to make a stunning greeting card. Blessings!

  7. Aaah, lots of fun here! I especially like your background/border contrast on the first piece.