Monday, 21 January 2013

The Dark Part 2

Bro crouched down ready to pounce on the baby silvereye before him.
“Please, don’t eat me!” The little bird squealed, “Why not?” Bro asked licking his lips.
“My Mummy will be upset; I am the only baby left!”
Bro thought of the juicy meal the mother would make.  This tiny bird would be a mouth of fluff! “Okay, where is your nest?”
“That tree by the fence.”
Bro gulped, “That old tree covered with ivy?” He shuddered, weird noises came from it.
“Man up!” he told himself, as he picked up the fledgling gently and started to make his way to to the old dark relic at the edge of the garden.

Next installment will be next Monday.

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  1. Sharon, that lovely painting and the story, narrated so beautifully has totally won my heart! The bird is cute and I love the cat saying, "Man up"! :-)

  2. This is a great piece Sharon, very creative!

  3. Oh you move my heart with this little story piece..can´t wait for going on!

  4. This picture of Bro between the plants talking to the little bird he wants to eat looks phantastic!!!! And I love the way you're writing down the story. It sounds like you could read Bro's mind. So funny!!!! I love Bro! He is such an impressing character. Please go on with that! Can't wait to to see more of Bro.

  5. Brow looks so mean! But that sweet bird sings too sweet. He won't eat him... *fingers crossed*