Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Its Hot

The prompt at Artist's Playroom this week is weather.  Here is NZ we are in the hottest month of the year.  The sun has dried up the grass so it is brown, the sky is blue and the glare hurts your eyes.  But I love it! Except at night, when you flop down on your bed, bone tired and its too muggy and too hot to sleep, you put the fan on and the noise of it drives you crazy.

I used gouache in this beach scene. Yeah, I know I live inland, but I dream of being able to lie in the surf and have the waves lap over me! I think my neighbour was doing that last week, his dog was barking like crazy and I went to the fence to tell him to pack it in, and before my eyes was an scene that will be difficult to forget without a fit of the giggles.  My neighbour is a very proper gentleman, so you can imagine my amusement and his embarrassment at being discovered lying fully stretched out in a child's plastic padding pool playing with his grand children's toy boats!  The poor guy now hurries inside whenever he sees me!

This piece is postcard size as I want to practice doing small, as I want to take part in the postcard swap at Artists in Blogland this month.  This card I will send to my friend in Britain just to taunt her as she is freezing at the moment! (Its payback as when they had their summer she taunted me!)  I got to say I find small difficult, but think it will be good for me as it will help me to simplify my images, because sometimes I think I get a bit too busy!

(Sorry, all you Northern hemisphere bloggers, but I had to read your blogs about sun and holidays in my miserable cold wet winter last year. Hehehe)


  1. I love it! I could use some of that heat! It is 30 degrees here tonight in Chicago. I like the boat that sort of glows. have a good week!

  2. Visiting from the APR - Wonderful picture Sharon. That sun is simply glar-r-ring!! Hehe
    It's very cold here - about -4 - but not too bad. :0) Mo

  3. Came over from APR. I think I want to visit NZ about now. Your postcard is a great ad for the beach.


  4. YUP, totally agree about sitting in the sand with the waves. I so wish it were warm here, you lucky woman!!

  5. Turn about is fair play....it's always interesting to me to see the mix of art and how the weather affects us, regardless of the theme. I love that there are participants from all over the world, reminding us that there's life outside our little sphere. :) Fun little piece that captures the heat of summer beautifully.

  6. it is always something when it comes to weather!! this is wonderful!!!

  7. Sharon, I love your piece. Wish I was there visiting for a few days!

  8. I love the colours in your beach scene (and also in your blog) they are so feminine and delicate working perfectly together. ;D
    Its good to challenge ourselves creatively and I can relate to you trying to minimise your work...I on the other hand need to go large! (hehe)

    I'm enjoying melting by day but not the night-time temps Sharon,
    When it gets too hot at night I simply nip out to the pool and lounge on my blow-up seat and star up at the stars!
    That way it's not too bad.
    I had to giggle at your neighbour but I did wonder if he was going to be in his nakey! Thank goodness he was a gentleman!!!

    Have a great week ~ enjoy the lovely weather

    Neesie ♥