Monday, 28 January 2013

The Dark - Part 3

If you would like to recap on the story so far here is Part One and here is Part Two

Reaching the old giant tree, Bro suppressed a shudder and started to scramble up the ivy clad trunk.  He had nearly reached the nest and the noise that put fear into his heart started up. He nearly fell to the ground; luckily his paw got caught in the tangle of ivy.  The mother of the baby silvereye started to squawk at him.
“Be quiet!” Bro growled.  “I am returning your baby, did you hear that!”
“What?” the mother asked as she checked that her baby was unharmed.
“That!” exclaimed Bro as the noise started up again.
The two silvereyes rolled about laughing, “Hehehe, what a baby….”

I have just realized that this is the last Monday of January so have added the rest of the story.

“What is so funny, it’s a terrible noise!” Bro said in a huff, as he edged his way further up the tree.  “These birds are crazy!”  He muttered
“It is only the wind making the vines vibrate against the trunk!”
“I knew that!” Bro tried to bluff.  He looked around and was amazed, he could see for miles, down the road and the moon created a lot of light.
“Er, do you think I could come up here at night, it’s a good guard post?” Bro asked.
“Only if you don’t tell the other cats we are here.”
Of course, and you’re not to tell that I brought your baby back.”
“Deal!” both chorused.


Bro stayed up in the tree till his slaves drove up the drive.  He clambered down yelling “See you!” to his new friends and was at the door as the slaves were getting out their keys.  He pushed past and made for his favourite spot. 
He laid back and felt very satisfied with his world.  At long last he had somewhere he could feel safe when his slaves were out.  You see Bro had a dreadful secret.  He was afraid of the dark!

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  1. Oh sweet old Bro. What a great ending... after the dark ;-)

  2. Great story, so beautifully illustrated, I love Bro´s face

  3. oh how I love cats, and this story made my day. I love all the drawings, but especially the middle one! And the story is really cute and would make a great bedtime story.

    visiting from sunday sketches