Friday, 25 January 2013

Girl on Fire!

I finally got into my giant chest this week (It has had a very heavy TV sitting on top of it for 2 or more years!) and rediscovered all my art treasures – papers, various art materials I forgot I had, and old art work.  One of the art materials I forgotten I had was water soluble oils, which a number of you have recommended to me as an answer to my problems with using traditional oils.  

So I set to and put Gesso on various sizes of card, with the idea of experimenting.  At this point my brain went blank, all that white!  In such situations I flip through my sketch book hoping for inspiration.  I got lucky, there was this sketch, I remembered doing it in the local park last week at lunchtime, it was so hot that this woman was laying on a blue rug half in the sun and half in the shade.  She looked as if she was on fire!

So I set to and painted this lovely in 1 hour! (A3) Wow.  I have to say I liked using these paints, not as buttery as oils but they have body to them.  Also it dried overnight (I imagine longer if the weather was colder).  I like working in layers, so that would cut down waiting time.

Not to be corny I was on fire!  When I was going through my chest I came across some paintings I did a few years ago.  I was very much into landscape, the history and the mapping of it by early explorers.  See below.  It is really interesting to look at old work and where you were then.  I obviously was into not letting the brush marks show!  So different from now, I love to do work that has more expressive quality – painterly I think the term is.  I got bored with that theme, and stopped doing landscapes.  

Something strange happened this week.  The next painting I started on was an actual canvas, and it was a landscape, but painterly! It is not finished yet, still a work in progress. It is a manageable size 20x24, and with the water soluble oils I think I will have no trouble finishing.  Maybe, I got bored because I was not putting myself into the previous works?  Anyway, I am going to go with this development, as I felt that frizz of excitement within me as I painted.  You can’t ignore that!

I don’t think I will ever stop painting my ladies - I can’t, I want to take part in the 29 faces in February!  But I do think I have a new subject area to explore.

Have a happy PPF day everybody and a great week ahead creating lovely masterpieces.

(Does anyone know if ordinary oils are compatible with water soluble?  I have so many unfinished oils; it would be neat if I could finish them using the water based oils.  I tried painting over the trad oil with the water based and it sticks.  But I would hate it if it all fell of later!)

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  1. oh what energetic paintbrush!


    xxx Susi from the monthly challenge

    would be proud to see you there once this year!

  2. Loving your gorgeous colourful paintings and so pleased you could use the water soluble oils. I know you can paint water soluble oils over acrylic and watercolours but as to real oil paints I don't know. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. The first painting has such great depth of color. I love it!
    I'm looking forward to 29 faces as well, though I think I might do them on my ipad.

  4. Excellent start to 2013! Powerful rich Girl on that song too!! So happy you found these treasures and shared some of them!! Awesome work!
    Happy PPF!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. What breadth and energy!
    Of course, I do love your paintings inspired by landscape and the history and the mapping of it by early explorers. ;)

    Thanks for the inspiration, Sharon!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  6. I LOVE your colors and the way you are playing with new materials- what FUN!
    Happy PPF,
    P.S. My guess would be that you can NOT go over "old school" oils with water soluble, because the traditional oils have to "breathe". But who knows maybe you can, after all, science is amazing!

  7. So much color and texture, I just love this. Happy PPF!

  8. Wow, the heat of the day really jumps out of this painting. Great work! So nice to see your old work too. About the oils: I googled it and as far as I understand the two are compatible. Here's the link: But according to this article it's not compatible with acrylics. This is what it says: "The practice of mixing water-mixable oils with acrylics is not recommended, the reason being that oils dry much slower than acrylics. Some brands claim this is possible, but the National Gallery's head conservationist has issued a statement saying that such mixture is not suitable for the archivability of a painting, an opinion based on the different oxidizing and drying rates of the two mediums. The result would consist of the two mediums pulling apart and cracking within a short time."
    Maybe you should google some more, or write to the manufacturer to ask. Good luck!

  9. That first work with the body drop and fire around is very, very good, and I think you should investigate further in other ways, the artist never content to do the same. Saludos

  10. I love the array of colors you are using in this new piece, landscape, it has so much motion in it. It's very exciting!!!!
    so is the lady on fire! Happy painting and HPPF!!!

  11. what an excellent process! it's fun going through the painting on fire experience... lovely oils and colours too

  12. very energetic and colorful paintings!! As soon as I read "like she's on fire" all I couild think of is Alicia Keys' new song :):)
    Hapy PPF!

  13. I hope that the two are compatible so that you can add some of this newer painterly style over them to liven them up... love the new painterly style and the colours.... gorgeous...xx

  14. I have always heard to paint fat over lean. Looks like both would be considered "fat" since they are oil based. I don't know what they add to make the water soluble ones. That might make a difference. why don't you google it to see what others may have to say. Your woman on fire is so brilliant and beautiful.

  15. Love your new style, beautiful brush strokes and colors! <3

  16. What a beautiful painterly style. Happy PPF!

  17. I love all the brush strokes - it makes the painting move. That lady on fire is just terrific. Lovely to be inspired by your own work when you "rediscover" it! Happy PPF

  18. Oh colorful. Oils can go over watercolor but watercolor cant go over oils. It will peel. so you can probably use the water based oil first..I sometimes paint with acrylic first then go over with oils. HPPF

  19. Love those rolling hills! Lovely!!

  20. Wow, really love girl on fire, so bright and a beautiful style!