Saturday, 12 January 2013

Welcome Home

I am crazy about my cats. This week I was beside myself when my Lucy disappeared for a couple of days. If it had been one of my other cats, Bro or Xana, I would not have been so upset. You see Lucy is a real home body, you literally have to throw her outside, she loves to sit in the window and gaze out at the world. What made it worse was the fact that it was the first anniversary of her sister Jandal's death. Jandal disappeared for a week and when I found her she so was so ill, I had to make the terrible decision to put her to sleep.

So you can imagine it, I was thinking “here we go again!” I was paralyzed. I prayed and had to force myself sit at the computer on Tuesday and do some work. When I had finished typing my blog post, I heard the most welcome sound ever, her plaintive meow demanding food! Joy of joys, she was healthy as, and slightly confused at my emotion, but, being a cat, she lapped it up! Thank you God. So to give thanks, I painted this acrylic of her at my window. Welcome home Lucy. (I wonder if she was having her own celebration of Jandal's life, she pined for ages when Jandal died.)

To Jandal who didn't make it home safely. She was called Jandal as on one foot she had a black toe on white feet. Looked like she was wearing Jandals, (other countries call them Thongs, I think). Here she is with her mother Xana (right) and her sister Lucy (left).

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  1. The painting blues and oranges are lovely I've experienced losing cats the same way it's terrible the way they go off when they are I'll and we can't comfort them

  2. What a really lovely painting, and a touching memorial to Jandal. How we love our pets...thanks for sharing. So happy your Lucy is safe and sound!

  3. Very nice painting. Im glad your pet returned safely.

  4. so cute ..wonderful artwork and post!
    a healthy and sucessfull new year and a big hug from


  5. What a lovely painting for your beloved kitty. xox

  6. Dear Sharon you wrote such a beautiful post and made a truly beautiful portrait. I am so glad all went well and Lucy is back. I grew up with cats and know exactly how you must have felt. Love and bleesing to you and your cats.

  7. I love your cat painting, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder and when faced with the loss of a cat it makes us appreciate them so much more at least that's true for me. So glad for your cat's return.