Friday, 11 January 2013


Yay, I have actually finished an abandoned oil painting this week. True to my goal of being focused this year, I fished out this painting and completed it. Sometimes, time does give you the answer! I really loved the shadowy figures but the girl I had originally was wrong, she had too much detail and she didn't fit the canvas. (The canvas is 12 x 24 an unusual dimension, I had brought it originally because I wanted to do a frieze.)

I used white paint and painted her out. Then this girl found herself on the canvas. I think the contrast of the sketchy girl with the background create a tension that works. I have painted this girl several times over the years. Her name is Julie and she is a strong determined person. Going her way despite what others say. I would love to have some of that myself, I am too self concious sometimes, I worry about what others think, and sometimes miss out on opportunities. So I am going to take a leaf out of Julie's book.

This week I have also worked out a plan for me to stay focused. I've joined the Creative Every Day Challenge, as I realised I need the “kick in the butt” approach. I am a procrastinator by nature, and work best when I have deadlines. At the same time I have a contrary streak. So I have decided to work with these traits. I know I am incapable to sticking to a work timetable, I need to go where the muse takes me. During a day I might write, paint, draw illustrate whatever, so having set days for these activities would not work. So, I decided to try and have set days for posting on the different activities. This is what I have planned!
Monday – illustration and writing this month I am going with the theme from CED – dark. A story about my cat Bro.
Tuesday/Wednesdays – Journal work
Thursday Word Art
Friday – Painting
Saturday – Anything goes
Sunday – From my sketchbook
Wish me luck on this, as I said I can be quite contrary.

Have a great Paint Party Friday everyone and blessings to you all.

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  1. I love this with the shadowy figures behind her. A good idea to to set a day for certain projects. It takes some of the indecision out of what to do, and reminds you of what you want to do.

  2. This painting goes perfect with the word focus! I think I have to do some of it myself hahaha
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful work Sharon. Nice to see oils used in a more contemporary way. Setting aims and challenges always seems to focus the mind. Though mine still manages to wonder off on it's own accord... :-)

  4. Holy cow I did the exact same thing last night planning blog posts for focus I worried that the structure would back fire and piss off my creative side lol Happy PPF!

  5. ooooh a hard schedule to keep........not sure if I could do this as have a butterfly mind.
    I love your oil painting, Julie has definite attitude and doesn't run with the crowd does she........ Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. This is wonderful-I love the shadowy figures behind your portrait!! Good luck with your schedule.I'm not ready to be so focused yet :) Happy PPF!

  7. It's beautiful, love the contrast and the soft color! Good luck with the schedule! :)

  8. Sharon, I love the striking emotion of this painting...and all the lovely blues, too.
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  9. love this painting, large to me. Glad you have an art schedule, it should help keep you focussed!

  10. The shadowy figures just make that center face pop right out! I love what you have done here and you are an inspiration. My word for the year is focus - setting days is awesome. I'm cheering for you as you move through the year!!

  11. She is so pretty and interesting looking! Love all your plans for yourself too! HPPF!

  12. The shadow figures give a feeling of intrigue behind your determined Julie. I love that. I'm your newest follower and I will be cheering for you to stay focused! Happy PPF!

  13. Sharon, I really like the way the image emerges from the background. Very pretty.

  14. I love Julie and her determination and how she has inspired you. I think its wonderful that you are taking a stance on your creativity and just letting it flow however it comes out each day. Creative Everyday is a fabulous goal to shoot for. I like how you have recognized your strengthes and weaknesses and are working with them rather than trying to force things. Wonderful resolutions!! I'm looking forward to following along during the year. Happy PPF

  15. I love Julie she is strong and courageous, but she's been through a lot it seems!! Great piece! I want you to know I thought of you a lot during the season. Sent a few prayers your way too!! I'm glad you're on a good and artful path....I'm rooting for you!!

    Hugs Giggles