Saturday, 19 January 2013

Pigs Can Fly

There is an ad on the TV here in NZ that is very confronting.  It is against factory farming.  I’ve only seen it twice and both times it has made me cry.  It shows pigs and hens in appalling cages singing “somewhere there is a place for me..”  Then one of the piglets sprouts wings and flies off into the starry night.  At first I thought, how defeatist, you know the saying “Yeah and pigs can fly!”  Meaning, that it is very unlikely. 

 Then I started to think that by having the pig flying off, it could indicate wishes and dreams can come true.  Things can change.  Farming methods can change, society attitudes can change, I can change.  We have to be forever hopeful!

This journal page was done in watercolour, acrylic, coloured pencils and white gel pen.  I started off as a doodle then it morphed into this page.


  1. Love the meaning behind this Sharon. Beautiful work and words.

  2. Cute piggy with wings. I love the colors of your page too.