Monday, 7 January 2013


At The Artist's Play Room, Jen has asked us what our resolutions for 2013 are. I rather choose a word than a resolution, because I am a contrary girl by nature. I know I will break a resolution, probably within a few hours!

My word for 2013 is Focus. One of the things I am going to focus on this year is art journaling everyday. I discovered art journaling a short time ago and I am hooked. While I may not do a journal page everyday I am setting myself a goal of completing one every week.

As part of my plan I have to get into my chest and rediscover all the papers materials etc that I have stored away. At present it has a very heavy TV sitting on top, which I can't move by myself. So my first job is to buy a TV cabinet for my TV which will enable me to delve into my storehouse of treasures. The sales are on so here I come. I have not been able to get into my chest for at least two years, perhaps more, I know I have gorgeous handmade papers, materials, art stuff from my polytechnic days, and so on. I cant wait to get into it, it will be like all my birthdays have come at once!

The other thing I want to really focus is doing more sketching, I love drawing but have been a bit lazy recently – think I will make up individual sketchbooks out of some of that paper hidden away.

Another area where I have to focus is on finishing paintings. I have heaps of unfinished works. I have a terrible habit of when things get difficult or wrong putting the painting aside with the intention of thinking about it, and I never get back to it! The picture above is a case in point. The foreground was bothering me. I had an idea yesterday of photographing it and playing around in Photoshop to see what I could do to fix it up. The answer was simple. I had sharpened it in filters and hey presto it was okay. So I need to create some texture (It was flat). This is the computer version, I haven't got around to working on the painting yet, that is my task for today. As the painting has the lock from my chest that is under the TV, it seemed to be just the thing for my word this year. So I added the letters in Photoshop. Now I am off to the shops to buy a TV cabinet.

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  1. I think that's a great word and a terrific plan for 2013. Many artists are journaling more and more, I think it frees us up to be whimsical and not care how it turns out. Happy New year Sharon.

  2. focus is a great thought to have for the coming year! i could use more focus myself. i get so busy chasing rabbit trails that i have trouble getting anything finished. and i love your textured background/painting for your word :) i'd love to see the painting when it is complete!

  3. Really like the colors you used and the lock makes sense when I hear your story. I have a similar trunk and no excuse because there is no TV sitting on it.


  4. wow, you have a lot of things to focus on. I love your page, beautiful colors and designs

  5. great stuff, Sharon!! I am liking more and more that the process of making art is how I live my Life. BEing creative, BEing ME is where the meaning comes NOT in what I make or what my results are.

    this is a fun way to FOCUS!!

  6. That's exactly the word I need to 'FOCUS' on too Sharon, ;D

    I also want to try to embrace making entries into my journal...I have difficulty for some reason but I'm pushing forward on this in the hope that it gets to feel natural.
    Good Luck with your 'focusing' and getting into that chest! It would drive me crazy not being able to access all of that wonderful treasure! :D